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The purpose of Classic History Books is to provide readers with a resource of information about valuable writings on history from the early 20th century and prior.. Classic History Books provides you with actual writings that you can read online or links to buy the books if you'd like a nice print edition.

Classic History Books was established in early 2008 to preserve and highlight the work of history writers from the past. To that end, we are working not only to keep the material of these history writers alive, but also to write biographies on their lives to provide you further insight into their world.

How to Use Classic History Books
The Classic History Books Website is divided into several sections:

Book List
This is a list of books written about history that you can either read online for free or purchase a print copy.

Author Bios
Classic History Books seeks not only to provide material written by history authors, but also let you know about the authors. Author bios provides information of various historian authors, allowing you to learn about the people behind the work.

Site Map
The Site Map contains links to all pages of Classic History Books.

About Us
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