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Great Britain and Her Queen - by Anne E. Keeling

Methodism, we would not be unmindful of the debt which Methodism owes to other Churches, and in
special of its obligations to those Anglican divines of our day who have enriched the whole Church of

Christ by their scholarly contributions to sacred literature; and we would ascribe all the praise of

Methodist achievement to the almighty Author of good, whom the spirit of ostentation and vain

glorifying must displease, while it would surely hinder His work.

The great desire of Methodism to-day - its great need, as Dr. Handles expressed it in his presidential
address - is "fulness of spiritual life." If this be attained, the actual resources of the Church will amply

suffice to carry on its glorious future mission; it will not fail in its primary duties of giving prominence to

the spirituality of religion, of maintaining strict fidelity to scriptural doctrine, of giving persevering

illustration of the fellowship of believers, nor in upholding the expansion of home and foreign missions,

nor in ceaseless efforts to promote social advancement. "There is no rigid system of Church mechanism,

nor restraining dogma," to hinder missions.

At present four-sevenths of the human race are in heathen darkness. To win the world for Christ demands
that Methodists should unite with all His true soldiers. Wesley said: "We have strong reason to hope that

the work He hath begun He will carry on until the day of the Lord Jesus; that He will never intermit this

blessed work of His Spirit until He has fulfilled all His promises, until He hath put a period to sin and

misery, infirmity and death, re-established universal holiness and happiness, and caused all the

inhabitants of the earth to sing, 'Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.'" If Methodism be

faithful to her mission, this prophecy may be fulfilled.

When the second temple was built, Haggai exhorted Zerubbabel and Joshua to be strong, and all the
people to be strong, and to work, for the Lord was with them. Let Methodists be strong in God's strength,

and work with the consciousness that the Lord of hosts is with them, and they will insure success to the

great mission of their Church.

We will conclude with the last paragraph of the Rev. Charles H. Kelly's sermon at the celebration of the
centenary of Wesley's death in 1891.

"Surely the lesson to the Methodists of to-day is clear enough. Let us cherish the memory of our
forefathers, let us emulate their spirit, let us cling to their God-given doctrines, let us cultivate, as they

did, communion with the Master and fellowship with each other. Let us aim to be one, to do our duty. Let

us strive to make our Church a greater power for evangelism among the people of the earth than ever, let

us look to the Holy Spirit for the richer baptism of grace, and Methodism, so blest of the Lord in the past,

will yet be blest. Her mission is not accomplished, her work is not done; long may she live and prosper.

Peace be within her walls, and prosperity within her palaces. For my brethren and companions' sake, the

faithful living and the sainted dead, I will now say, Peace be within her; peace be within her."


The last days of the half-century are fleeting fast as we write, and we are yet at peace with Europe, as
when Victoria's reign began. How long that peace shall last, who shall say? who can say how long it may

be ere the elements of internal discord that have threatened to wreck the prosperity of the empire, shall be

composed to a lasting peace, and leave the nation free to follow its better destiny? But foes within and

foes without have many times assailed us in vain in past years; many times has the political horizon been

shadowed with clouds portending war and strife no less gloomily than those which now darken it, and as

yet the Crimean war is the only war on which we have entered that can be called European; many times


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