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W.T. Massey - How Jerusalem Was Won. Allenby's Campaign in Palestine

to it.

In a discussion between Enver, Jemal, and myself, Enver
decided first of all to strengthen the IVth Army by the

inclusion of one division from the Army Group. This

division would suffice to ward off attack. The Irak undertaking

could be carried through at the same time. Judging

from all former experiences I am firmly convinced as soon

as it comes to a question of the expected attack on the

Sinai Front, or even if the IVth Army only feels itself seriously

threatened, further troops, munitions, and material will be

withdrawn from the Army Group, and Turkey's forces will

be shattered.

Then nothing decisive can be undertaken in either theatre
of war. The sacrifice of men, money, and material which

Germany is offering at the present moment will be in vain.

The treatment of the question is rendered all the more
difficult because I cannot rid myself of the impression that

the decision of the Turkish Higher Command is based far

less on military exigencies than on personal motives. It

is dictated with one eye on the mighty Jemal, who deprecates

a definite decision, but yet on the other hand opposes the

slightest diminution of the area of his command.

Consequently as the position now stands, I consider the
Irak undertaking practicable only if it is given the necessary

freedom for retirement through the removal of the danger

on the Syrian Front. The removal of this danger I regard

as only possible through attack. V. FALKENHAYN.


Here is another German estimate of the position created by our War Cabinet's decision to take the
offensive in Palestine, and in considering the view of the German Staff and the prospect of success any

Turkish attack would have, it must be borne in mind that under the most favourable circumstances the

enemy could not have been in position for taking an offensive before the end of October. Von

Falkenhayn wished to attack the British 'before the arrival of their reinforcements.' Not only had our

reinforcements arrived before the end of October, but they were all in position and the battle had

commenced. Beersheba was taken on October 31. This appreciation was written by Major von Papen of

Yilderim headquarters on August 28, 1917:

Enver's objections, the improbability of attaining a
decisive result on the Sinai Front with two divisions plus

the 'Asia Corps' and the difficulty of the Aleppo-Rayak

transport question, hold good.

The execution of the offensive with stronger forces is


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