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W.T. Massey - How Jerusalem Was Won. Allenby's Campaign in Palestine


10th Division.

29th Brigade. 30th Brigade. 31st Brigade.

6th R. Irish Rifles. 1st R. Irish Regt. 5th R. Inniskillings. 5th Con. Rangers. 6th R. Munst. Fus. 6th R.
Inniskillings. 6th Leinsters. 6th R. Dublin Fus. 2nd R. Irish Fus. 1st Leinsters 7th R. Dublin Fus. 5th R.

Irish Rifles.

53rd Division.

158th Brigade. 159th Brigade. 160th Brigade.

1/5th R. Welsh Fus. 1/4th Cheshires. 1/4th R. Sussex. 1/6th " 1/7th " 2/4th R. West Surrey. 1/7th " 1/4th
Welsh 2/4th R. West Kent. 1/1st Hereford. 1/5th " 2/10th Middlesex.

60th Division.

179th Brigade. 180th Brigade. 181st Brigade.

2/13th London. 2/17th London. 2/21st London. 2/14th " 2/18th " 2/22nd " 2/15th " 2/19th " 2/23rd "
2/16th " 2/20th " 2/24th "

74th Division.

229th Brigade. 230th Brigade. 231st Brigade.

16th Devons (1st 10th E. Kent (R.E. 10th Shrop. (Shrop.
Devon &R.N. Kent &W. Kent &Cheshire Yeo.).

Devon Yeo.). Yeo.). 12th Somerset L.I. 16th R. Sussex 24th R. Welsh Fus.

(Yeo.). (Yeo.). (Denbigh Yeo.). 14th R. Highrs.(Fife 15th Suffolk (Yeo.) 25th R. Welsh Fus.

&Forfar Yeo.). (Montgomery Yeo.

&Welsh Horse). 12th R. Scots Fus. 12th Norfolk (Yeo.) 24th Welsh Regt.

(Ayr &Lanark (Pembroke &Glanmorgan

Yeo.). Yeo.).


52nd (Lowland) Division.

155th Brigade. 156th Brigade. 157th Brigade.

l/4th R. Scots Fus. 1/4th Royal Scots. 1/5th H.L.I. l/5th R. Scots Fus. 1/7th Royal Scots. 1/6th H.L.I. l/4th
K.O.S.B. 1/7th Scot. Rifles. 1/7th H.L.I. l/5th K.O.S.B. 1/8th Scot. Rifles. 1/5th A. &S. Highrs.

54th (East Anglian) Division.

161th Brigade. 162th Brigade. 163th Brigade.

l/4th Essex. 1/5th Bedfords. 1/4th Norfolk. l/5th Essex. 1/4th Northants. 1/5th Norfolk. l/6th Essex.
1/10th London. 1/5th Suffolk. l/7th Essex. 1/11th London. 1/8th Hampshire.


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