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W.T. Massey - How Jerusalem Was Won. Allenby's Campaign in Palestine

75th Division.

232th Brigade. 233th Brigade. 234th Brigade.

1/5th Devon. 1/5th Somersets. 1/4th D.C.L.I. 2/5th Hampshire. 1/4th Wilts. 2/4th Dorsets. 2/4th
Somersets. 2/4th Hampshire. 123rd Rifles. 2/3rd Gurkhas. 3/3rd Gurkhas. 58th Rifles.


Anzac Mounted Division.

1st A.L.H. Bde. 2nd A.L.H. Bde. N.Z. Mtd. Rifles Bde.

1st A.L.H. Regt. 5th A.L.H. Regt. Auckland M. Rifles. 2nd A.L.H. Regt. 6th A.L.H. Regt. Canterbury
M. Rifles. 3rd A.L.H. Regt. 7th A.L.H. Regt. Wellington M. Rifles.

Australian Mounted Division.

3rd L.H. Brigade. 4th L.H. Brigade. 5th Mtd. Brigade.. 8th A.L.H. Regt. 4th A.L.H. Regt. 1/1st
Warwick Yeo. 9th " 11th " 1/1st Gloucester Yeo. 10th " 12th " 1/1st Worcester Yeo.

Yoemanry Mounted Division

6th Mtd. Brigade. 8th Mtd. Brigade. 22nd Mtd. Brigade. 1/1st Bucks Hussars. 1/1st City of
London 1/1st Lincolnshire Yeo. Yeo. 1/1st Berkshire Yeo. 1/1st Co. of London 1/1st Staffordshire Yeo.

Yeo. 1/1st Dorset Yeo. l/3rd Co. of London 1/1st E. Riding Yeo. Yeo.

7th Mounted Brigade (attached Desert Corps).

1/1st Sherwood Rangers. 1/1st South Notts Hussars.

Imperial Camel Brigade.


There can be no better illustration of how one battle worked out 'according to plan' than the quotation of
the following Force Order:


22nd October 1917.

It is the intention of the Commander-in-Chief to take the
offensive against the enemy at Gaza and at Beersheba, and

when Beersheba is in our hands to make an enveloping

attack on the enemy's left flank in the direction of Sheria

and Hareira.

On Zero day XXth Corps with the 10th Division and
Imperial Camel Brigade attached and the Desert Mounted

Corps less one Mounted Division and the Imperial Camel

Brigade will attack the enemy at Beersheba with the object


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