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W.T. Massey - How Jerusalem Was Won. Allenby's Campaign in Palestine

of gaining possession of that place by nightfall.

As soon as Beersheba is in our hands and the necessary
arrangements have been made for the restoration of the

Beersheba water supply, XXth Corps and Desert Mounted

Corps complete will move rapidly forward to attack the

left of the enemy's main position with the object of driving

him out of Sheria and Hareira and enveloping the left flank

of his army. XXth Corps will move against the enemy's

defences south of Sheria, first of all against the Kauwukah

line and then against Sheria and the Hareira defences.

Desert Mounted Corps calling up the Mounted Division left

in general reserve during the Beersheba operation will move

north of the XXth Corps to gain possession of Nejile and of

any water supplies between that place and the right of

XXth Corps and will be prepared to operate vigorously

against and round the enemy's left flank if he should throw

it back to oppose the advance of the XXth Corps.

On a date to be subsequently determined and which will
probably be after the occupation of Beersheba and 24 to

48 hours before the attack of XXth Corps on the Kauwukah

line, the XXIst Corps will attack the south-west defences

of Gaza with the object of capturing the enemy's front-line

system from Umbrella Hill to Sheikh Hasan, both inclusive.

The Royal Navy will co-operate with the XXIst Corps
in the attack on Gaza and in any subsequent operations

that may be undertaken by XXIst Corps.

On Z - 4 day the G.O.C. XXIst Corps will open a systematic
bombardment of the Gaza defences, increasing in volume

from Z - 1 day to Zx2 day and to be continued until Zx4

day at the least.

The Royal Navy will co-operate as follows: On Z - 1 and
Zero days two 6-inch monitors will be available for bombardment

from the sea, special objective Sheikh Hasan.

On Zero day a third 6-inch monitor will be available so that

two of these ships may be constantly in action while one

replenishes ammunition. On Zxl day 6-inch monitors will

discontinue their bombardment which they will reopen

on Zx2 day. From Zxl day the French battleship Requin

and H.M.S. Raglan will bombard Deir Sineid station and

junction for Huj, the roads and railway bridges and camps

on the wadi Hesi and the neighbourhood. The Requin and

Raglan will be assisted by a seaplane carrier.


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