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W.T. Massey - How Jerusalem Was Won. Allenby's Campaign in Palestine

From Zero day one 92 monitor will be available from
dawn, special objective Sheikh Redwan.

From Z - 1 day inclusive demands for naval co-operation
will be conveyed direct from G.O.C. XXIst Corps to the

Senior Naval Officer, Marine View, who will arrange for

the transmission of the demands so made.

XXth Corps will move into position during the night of
Z-l=Zero day so as to attack the enemy at Beersheba on

Zero day south of the wadi Saba with two divisions while

covering his flank and the construction of the railway

east of Shellal with one division on the high ground overlooking

the wadis El Sufi and Hanafish. The objective of XXth Corps

will be the enemy's works west and south-west

of Beersheba as far as the Khalasa-Beersheba road


Desert Mounted Corps will move on the night of Z-1=Zero
day from the area of concentration about Khalasa and

Asluj so as to co-operate with XXth Corps by attacking

Beersheba with two divisions and one mounted brigade.

The objective of Desert Mounted Corps will be the enemy's

defences from south-east to the north-east of Beersheba

and the town of Beersheba itself.

The G.O.C. Desert Mounted Corps will endeavour to turn
the enemy's left with a view to breaking down his

resistance at Beersheba as quickly as possible. With this

in view the main weight of his force will be directed against

Beersheba from the east and north-east. As soon as the

enemy's resistance shows signs of weakening the G.O.C.

Desert Mounted Corps will be prepared to act with the utmost

vigour against his retreating troops so as to prevent their

escape, or at least to drive them well beyond the high ground

immediately overlooking the town from the north. He

will also be prepared to push troops rapidly into Beersheba

in order to protect from danger any wells and plant connected

with the water supply not damaged by the enemy before

Beersheba is entered.

The Yeomanry Mounted Division will pass from the
command of the G.O.C. XXth Corps at five on Zero day

and will come directly under General Headquarters as part

of the general reserve in the hands of the Commander-in-Chief.

When Beersheba has been taken the G.O.C. XXth Corps
will push forward covering troops to the high ground north


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