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W.T. Massey - How Jerusalem Was Won. Allenby's Campaign in Palestine

of the town to protect it from any counter movement on
the part of the enemy. He will also put in hand the restoration

of the water supply in Beersheba. The G.O.C. Desert

Mounted Corps will be responsible for the protection of

the town from the north-east and east.

As soon as possible after the taking of Beersheba the
G.O.C. Desert Mounted Corps will report to G.H.Q. on the

water supplies in the wells and wadis east of Beersheba and

especially along the wadi Saba and the Beersheba-Tel-el-Nulah

road. If insufficient water is found to exist in this

area G.O.C. Desert Mounted Corps will send back such of

his troops as may be necessary to watering places from which

he started or which may be found in the country east of

the Khalasa-Beersheba road during the operations.

A preliminary survey having been made, the G.O.C. XXth
Corps will report by wire to G.H.Q. on the condition of the

wells and water supply generally in Beersheba and on any

water supplies found west and north-west of that place.

He will telegraph an estimate as soon as it can be made

of the time required to place the Beersheba water supply

in working order.

When the situation as regards water at Beersheba has
become clear so that the movement of XXth Corps and

Desert Mounted Corps against the left flank of the enemy's

main position can be arranged, the G.O.C. XXIst Corps

will be ordered to attack the enemy's defences south-west

of Gaza in time for this operation to be carried out prior

to the attack of XXth Corps on the Kauwukah line of works.

The objective of XXIst Corps will be the defences of Gaza

from Umbrella Hill inclusive to the sea about Sheikh Hasan.

Instructions in regard to the following have been issued
separate to all corps:

Amount of corps artillery allotted.

Amount of ammunition put on corps charge prior to operations.

Amount of ammunition per gun that will be delivered daily
at respective railheads and the day of commencement.

Amount of transport allotted for forward supply from

The general average for one day's firing has been calculated
on the following basis:


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