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W.T. Massey - How Jerusalem Was Won. Allenby's Campaign in Palestine

Field and mountain guns and
mountain howitzers ...150 rounds per gun.

4.5-inch howitzers....120 rounds per gun.

60-pounders and 6-inch howitzers. 90 rounds per gun.

8-inch howitzers and 6-inch Mark VII. 60 rounds per gun.

This average expenditure will only be possible in the
XXIst Corps up to Zx16 day and for the Desert Mounted

Corps and XXth Corps to Zx13. After these dates if the

average has been expended the daily average will have to

drop to the basis of 100 rounds per 18-pounder per day and

other natures in proportion.

AIRCRAFT, ARMY WING. - Strategical reconnaissance including
the reconnaissance of areas beyond the tactical zone

and in which the enemy's main reserves are located, also

distant photography and aerial offensive, will be carried out

by an Army squadron under instructions issued direct from

G.H.Q. Protection from hostile aircraft will be the main

duty of the Army fighting squadron. A bombing squadron

will be held in readiness for any aerial offensive which the

situation may render desirable.

CORPS SQUADRONS. - Two Corps squadrons will undertake
artillery co-operation, contact patrols, and tactical reconnaissance

for the Corps to which they are attached. In the

case of the Desert Mounted Corps one flight from the Corps

squadron attached to XXth Corps will be responsible for

the above work. Photography of trench areas will normally

be carried out daily by the Army Wing.



1. The Commander-in-Chief will enter Jerusalem by the Bab-el-Khalil (Jaffa Gate) at 12 noon, 11th
December 1917. The order of procession is shown below:

Two Aides-de-camp.
(Twenty paces.) O.C. Italian Palestine Commander-in-Chief. O.C. French Palestine

Contingent(Col. Contingent Dagostino). (Col. Piepape). Staff Officer. Two Staff Officers. Staff Officer.

(Ten paces.)

M. Picot (Head of French Mission). French Mil. Brig.-Gen. Italian Mil. Att. American Att.

(Capt. Clayton. (Major Caccia). Mil. Att. St. Quentin). (Col. Davis).

(Five paces.)

Chief of General Staff (Maj.-Gen. Sir L.J. Bols).

Brig.-General General Staff (Brig.-Gen. G. Dawnay).

(Five paces.)


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