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W.T. Massey - How Jerusalem Was Won. Allenby's Campaign in Palestine

G.O.C. XXth Corps, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Philip W. Chetwode,
Bart., D.S.O.

Staff Officer. Brig.-Gen. Bartholomew.

(Ten paces.)

British Guard.

Australian and New Zealand Guard.

French Guard.

Italian Guard.

2. GUARDS. - The following guards will be found by XXth Corps:

Outside the Gate -

British Guard: Fifty of all ranks, including English, Scottish,
Irish, and Welsh troops.

Australian and New Zealand Guard: Fifty of all ranks, including
twenty New Zealand troops.

These guards will be drawn up facing each other, the right
flank of the British guard and the left flank Australian guard

resting on the City Wall. The O.C. British guard will be in

command of both guards and will give the words of command.

Inside the Gate -

French Guard: Twenty of all ranks.
Italian Guard: Twenty of all ranks.

These guards will be drawn up facing each other, the left flank
of the French guard and the right flank of the Italian guard

resting on the City Wall.

3. SALUTE. - On the approach of the Commander-in-Chief, guards will come to the Salute and present

4. The Military Governor of the City will meet the Commander-in-Chief at the Gate at 12 noon.

5. ROUTE. - The procession will proceed via Sueikat Allah and El Maukaf Streets to the steps of
El Kala (Citadel), where the notables of the City under the guidance of a Staff Officer of the Governor

will meet the Commander-in-Chief and the Proclamation will be read to the citizens. The British,

Australian and New Zealand, French and Italian guards will, when the procession has passed them, take

their place in column of fours in the rear of the procession in that order.

On arrival at El Kala the guards will form up facing steps on the opposite (i.e. east) side of El
Maukaf Street, the British guard being thus on the left, Italian guard on the right of the line, and remain

at the slope. The British and Italian guards will bring up their left and right flanks respectively across the

street south and north of El Kala.

On leaving the Citadel the procession will proceed in the same order as before to the Barrack Square,


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