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W.T. Massey - How Jerusalem Was Won. Allenby's Campaign in Palestine

where the Commander-in-Chief will confer with the notables of the City. On entering the Barrack Square
the guards will wheel to the left and, keeping the left-hand man of each section of fours next the side of

the Barrack Square, march round until the rear of the Italian guard has entered the Square, when the

guards will halt, right turn (so as to face the centre of the Square), and remain at the slope.

The procession will leave the City by the same route as it entered and in the same order.

As the Commander-in-Chief and procession move off to leave the Barrack Square the guards will present
arms, and then move off and resume their places in the procession, the British guard leading.

On arrival at the Jaffa Gate the guards will take up their original positions, and on the
Commander-in-Chief's departure will be marched away under the orders of the G.O.C. XXth Corps.

6. POLICE, etc. - The Military Governor of the City will arrange for policing the route of the procession
and for the searching of houses on either side of the route. He will also arrange for civil officials to read

the Proclamation at El Kala.


The Proclamation read from the steps of David's Tower on the occasion of the Commander-in-Chief's
Official Entry into Jerusalem was in these terms:

To the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Blessed and the people dwelling
in its vicinity:

The defeat inflicted upon the Turks by the troops under
my command has resulted in the occupation of your City

by my forces. I therefore here and now proclaim it to be

under martial law, under which form of administration it

will remain as long as military considerations make it


However, lest any of you should be alarmed by reason of
your experiences at the hands of the enemy who has retired,

I hereby inform you that it is my desire that every person

should pursue his lawful business without fear of interruption.

Furthermore, since your City is regarded with affection by

the adherents of three of the great religions of mankind, and

its soil has been consecrated by the prayers and pilgrimages

of multitudes of devout people of those three religions for

many centuries, therefore do I make it known to you that

every sacred building, monument, holy spot, shrine, traditional

site, endowment, pious bequest, or customary place

of prayer, of whatsoever form of the three religions, will be

maintained and protected according to the existing customs

and beliefs of those to whose faiths they are sacred.


No story of the capture of Jerusalem would be complete without the tribute paid by General Allenby to


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