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W.T. Massey - How Jerusalem Was Won. Allenby's Campaign in Palestine

his gallant troops of all arms. The Commander-in-Chief's thanks, which were conveyed to the troops in a
Special Order of the Day, were highly appreciated by all ranks. The document ran as follows:


G.H.Q., E.E.P.,

15th December 1917.

With the capture of Jerusalem another phase of the
operations of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force has been

victoriously concluded.

The Commander-in-Chief desires to thank all ranks of all
the units and services in the Force for the magnificent work

which has been accomplished.

In forty days many strong Turkish positions have been
captured and the Force has advanced some sixty miles on a

front of thirty miles.

The skill, gallantry, and determination of all ranks have
led to this result.

1. The approach marches of the Desert Mounted Corps
and the XXth Corps (10th, 53rd, 60th, and 74th Divisions),

followed by the dashing attacks of the 60th and 74th Divisions

and the rapid turning movement of the Desert Mounted

Corps, ending in the fine charge of the 4th Australian Light

Horse Brigade, resulted in the capture of Beersheba with

many prisoners and guns.

2. The stubborn resistance of the 53rd Division, units of
the Desert Mounted Corps and Imperial Camel Brigade in

the difficult country north-east of Beersheba enabled the

preparations of the XXth Corps to be completed without

interference, and enabled the Commander-in-Chief to carry

out his plan without diverting more than the intended

number of troops to protect the right flank, despite the many

and strong attacks of the enemy.

3. The attack of the XXth Corps (10th, 60th, and 74th
Divisions), prepared with great skill by the Corps and Divisional

Commanders and carried out with such dash and

courage by the troops, resulted in the turning of the Turkish

left flank and in an advance to the depth of nine miles through

an entrenched position defended by strong forces.

In this operation the Desert Mounted Corps, covering the
right flank and threatening the Turkish rear, forced the


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