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W.T. Massey - How Jerusalem Was Won. Allenby's Campaign in Palestine

Turks to begin a general retreat of their left flank.

4. The artillery attack of the XXIst Corps and of the
ships of the Royal Navy, skilfully arranged and carried out

with great accuracy, caused heavy loss to the enemy in the

Gaza sector of his defences. The success of this bombardment

was due to the loyal co-operation of the Rear-Admiral

S.N.O. Egypt and Red Sea, and the officers of the Royal

Navy, the careful preparation of plans by the Rear-Admiral

and the G.O.C. XXIst Corps, and the good shooting of the

Royal Navy, and of the heavy, siege, and field artillery of

the XXIst Corps.

5. The two attacks on the strong defences of Gaza, carried
out by the 52nd and 54th Divisions, were each completely

successful, thanks to the skill with which they were thought

out and prepared by the G.O.C. XXIst Corps, the Divisional

Commanders and the Brigade Commanders, and the great

gallantry displayed by the troops who carried out these


6. The second attack resulted in the evacuation of Gaza
by the enemy and the turning of his right flank. The 52nd

and 75th Divisions at once began a pursuit which carried

them in three weeks from Gaza to within a few miles of


7. This pursuit, carried out by the Desert Mounted Corps
and these two Divisions of the XXIst Corps, first over the

sandhills of the coast, then over the Plains of Palestine and

the foothills, and finally in the rocky mountains of Judea,

required from all commanders rapid decisions and powers

to adapt their tactics to varying conditions of ground. The

troops were called upon to carry out very long marches in

great heat without water, to make attacks on stubborn

rearguards without time for reconnaissance, and finally to

suffer cold and privation in the mountains.

In these great operations Commanders carried out their
plans with boldness and determination, and the troops of all

arms and services responded with a devotion and gallantry

beyond praise.

8. The final operations of the XXth Corps which resulted
in the surrender of Jerusalem were a fitting climax to the

efforts of all ranks.

The attack skilfully prepared by the G.O.C. XXth Corps


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