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W.T. Massey - How Jerusalem Was Won. Allenby's Campaign in Palestine

and carried out with precision, endurance, and gallantry
by the troops of the 53rd, 60th, and 74th Divisions, over

country of extreme difficulty in wet weather, showed skill

in leading and gallantry and determination of a very high


9. Throughout the operations the Royal Flying Corps
have rendered valuable assistance to all arms and have

obtained complete mastery of the air. The information

obtained from contact and reconnaissance patrols has at

all times enabled Commanders to keep in close touch with

the situation. In the pursuit they have inflicted severe

loss on the enemy, and their artillery co-operation has contributed

in no small measure to our victory.

10. The organisation in rear of the fighting forces enabled
these forces to be supplied throughout. All supply and

ammunition services and engineer services were called upon

for great exertions. The response everywhere showed great

devotion and high military spirit.

11. The thorough organisation of the lines of communication,
and the energy and skill with which all the services

adapted themselves to the varying conditions of the operations,

ensured the constant mobility of the fighting


12. The Commander-in-Chief appreciates the admirable
conduct of all the transport services, and particularly the

endurance and loyal service of the Camel Transport Corps.

13. The skill and energy by which the Signal Service was
maintained under all conditions reflects the greatest credit

on all concerned.

14. The Medical Service was able to adapt itself to all
the difficulties of the situation, with the result the evacuation

of wounded and sick was carried out with the least possible

hardship or discomfort.

15. The Veterinary Service worked well throughout; the
wastage in animals was consequently small considering the

distances traversed.

16. The Ordnance Service never failed to meet all demands.

17. The work of the Egyptian Labour Corps has been of
the greatest value in contributing to the rapid advance of

the troops and in overcoming the difficulties of the communications.


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