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The Mastery of the Air

William J. Claxton



CHAPTER I. Man's Duel with Nature
CHAPTER II. The French Paper-maker who Invented the Balloon
CHAPTER III. The First Man to Ascend in a Balloon
CHAPTER IV. The First Balloon Ascent in England
CHAPTER V. The Father of British Aeronauts
CHAPTER VI. The Parachute
CHAPTER VII. Some British Inventors of Air-ships
CHAPTER VIII. The First Attempts to Steer a Balloon
CHAPTER IX. The Strange Career of Count Zeppelin
CHAPTER X. A Zeppelin Air-ship and its Construction
CHAPTER XI. The Semi-rigid Air-ship
CHAPTER XII. A Non-rigid Balloon
CHAPTER XIII. The Zeppelin and Gotha Raids


CHAPTER XIV. Early Attempts in Aviation
CHAPTER XV. A Pioneer in Aviation
CHAPTER XVI. The "Human Birds"
CHAPTER XVII. The Aeroplane and the Bird
CHAPTER XVIII. A Great British Inventor of Aeroplanes
CHAPTER XIX. The Wright Brothers and their Secret Experiments
CHAPTER XX. The Internal-combustion Engine
CHAPTER XXI. The Internal-combustion Engine(Cont.)
CHAPTER XXII. The Aeroplane Engine
CHAPTER XXIII. A Famous British Inventor of Aviation Engines
CHAPTER XXIV. The Wright Biplane (Camber of Planes)
CHAPTER XXV. The Wright Biplane (Cont.)
CHAPTER XXVI. How the Wrights launched their Biplane
CHAPTER XXVII. The First Man to Fly in Europe
CHAPTER XXVIII. M. Bleriot and the Monoplane
CHAPTER XXIX. Henri Farman and the Voisin Biplane
CHAPTER XXX. A Famous British Inventor
CHAPTER XXXI. The Romance of a Cowboy Aeronaut
CHAPTER XXXII. Three Historic Flights
CHAPTER XXXIII. Three Historic Flights (Cont.)
CHAPTER XXXIV. The Hydroplane and Air-boat


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